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Positives from negatives

​It’s tough to discuss positives during such an unprecedented pandemic especially with the mortality rate so high and the spread so great however I find myself wanting to try. I’m looking at these positives from a few angles; regulatory affairs as this is where I recruit predominantly, the wider life science industry and the United Kingdom as a whole.

So, what positives are there currently?

Home working is definitely one to consider. My main partners are SME Biotech and niche consultancies who sometimes have an archaic way of thinking when it comes to home working and having systems in place to allow this to happen. However, all of these companies have had to adapt and realised that it’s not actually all that bad! Within regulatory affairs it can be a completely decentralised position if needs be and as a result has remained less affected than other functions where there is a high need to visit the trial sites. Hopefully, moving forward, we will see this degree of flexibility remain when recruiting in the future and allow these smaller companies get a greater level of talent from slightly further afield. I’d classify that as a positive, wouldn’t you?

The second positive, which I’d like to think is a given, is the collaborative nature of the life science industry. With some amazing assets being developed it’s fantastic to see how many products can be used or changed to deal with Covid-19 and the affects it has on the human body. Gilead have a late stage target in phase III (remedesivir), Sanofi have a target for both the treatment and vaccination in pre-clinical called Plaquenil and other major players such as J&J, Regeneron, Abbvie, Moderna, Lily and many more have pushed their research into helping stem this terrible disease and, hopefully, stop it.

My last positive to take away is not targeted at the life science arena but the wider public and their drive to come together and raise money for our amazing NHS. It’s uplifting to see what lengths we’ll go to for each other and the money we can raise when we put our minds together. So far, I’ve seen people running and donating, giving up their homes local to hospitals, 3D printing mask tighteners day and night to help the NHS and of course Captain Tom has no raised £20,000,000 which is nothing but amazing.

We have thanked so many people for their joint efforts and I stand by all of these especially the NHS and volunteers. However I also want to thank everyone in my connections and the wider life science industry for their efforts in helping stop coronavirus. You’ve stepped up when we needed it the most, without question, and I take my hat off and salute you all for your amazing efforts.