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Scienta is a global partner to innovative SME life science organisations. With our specialist consultants and transparent advice, we can guide you through the challenges of hiring in technical functions and markets.

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Scienta is an international organisation, with a special focus on the European and North American markets. When you join our worldwide network of clients and candidates, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of a truly global recruitment partner.

“With over 20 years combined experience between us, we all had the same frustration with the life science recruitment industry. We wanted to be different and creative but, also, to give a simple and specialist solution. We wanted to work closer with clients to form long-standing relationships, so that is what we did. Founded in 2017 we have gone from strength to strength and have become a trusted recruitment partner in the industry. Our client experience is always at the forefront of what we do, that’s why our core values, transparency, creativity and vibrancy are seen throughout Scienta in every consultant – so all our clients have the same specialist Scienta experience.”

Lewis Hogan, Guy Pridham and Tudor Carr

What we do best


Clinical Research

Clinical Operations is key to the delivery of clinical trials for the drug development pipeline. Without this function, clinical research studies could not be effectively conducted. Professionals in this sector are responsible for designing, planning, and executing Phase I - III clinical trials, as well as Phase IV post-marketing surveillance.

Scientific & Preclinical

The preclinical and scientific function is where companies take their compounds from conception through to First-In-Human clinical trials. The main goal is to establish a safe starting dose and assess potential toxicity of the product in the FIH trials to then be able to progress into early stages of drug development process.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory affairs is a function within the life science industry that oversees how a variety of drugs and medical products are developed, manufactured, approved and distributed to ensure they meet set regulatory standards for use in humans. Given its prevalence throughout the full life-cycle, it’s a critical area within any life science company of any size and the specific skill-sets for each role differ vastly.

Quality Assurance & Validation

Quality Assurance is a major function covered by Scienta, with specialist consultants responsible for their own geographic and product-type territories. Our expertise and networks extend to all GxP areas, throughout all stages of development and commercial operations. We’ve successfully worked on QA searches with partners across the life science industries, including consultancies, clinical-stage biotechs, innovative medical devices companies and more.

Device Engineering

Our Medical Device function supports a diverse client base with broad R&D recruitment needs - including mechanical, electrical and software engineering - throughout the full development lifecycle. We have extensive networks in place and excel at finding the best talent to develop cutting edge technologies in the medical field. These can be anything from surgical robotics to digital health, for project engineers to senior leadership, so we really can offer a diverse and tailored service.

Medical Affairs and Clinical Development

Medical Affairs and Clinical Development are both critical functions for any business looking to develop drugs or medical technology for human use. Professionals within the Medical Affairs space bridge the gap between key opinion leaders, healthcare professionals, stakeholders and commercial teams utilising their own clinical and scientific expertise to educate and facilitate the flow of information to these groups. Clinical professionals are a fundamental part of bringing new treatments and medicines to patients. They ensure the best practise approach to clinical trials to determine the safety and efficacy of any program and develop the knowledge and understanding of each disease areas.

Drug Safety

This function is responsible for the continuous evaluation of medicines going through their life cycle with the aim to predict and manage the safety of drug’s profile. This includes the monitoring of safety information, and any adverse events. The person responsible for a is consistent contributing to the overall safety strategy of products.


This function covers the marketing and sales of healthcare products, software, and services. Almost any commercial role has its equivalent in healthcare, so the possible career paths are many and varied.

How we work

We understand that different companies have different needs – that’s why our service is completely flexible. Whether you need a shortlisting service, full process management, an interim hire or a full team build-out, we’ll make sure you have a positive experience that’s tailored to you, based on our unique 3-step approach:


Consulting is the heart of what we do. You can trust us to give you realistic and honest advice when it comes to your unique service.


Search and selection can be easy when you let us handle the details. Our specialist proactive method sends you only the best candidates, saving you time and finding your perfect match.


We make the process as simple as possible for you. With our transparent management method, the service only slows down when your ideal candidate has settled into your business.

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