PODCAST: Building a Successful Drug Development Plan: Insights from Florencia Segal


In this episode of Life in Science, Will Tarbox interviews Florencia Segal, a partner at MPM Capital. They discuss her journey into infectious diseases, the future of patient care, and building a successful drug development plan.


Florencia shares her motivation to pursue medicine, her fascination with infectious diseases, and her transition from clinical practice to the pharmaceutical industry and eventually venture capital.


She also discusses the qualities of a successful physician in venture capital, the importance of thoughtful clinical development plans, and the need for humbleness in the ecosystem. Florencia then highlights the importance of finding the right fit between VCs and companies.


Key Takeaways

  • Curiosity and a fascination with the mechanisms of how things work and don’t work motivated Florencia Segal to pursue medicine.
  • Early exposure to infectious diseases during her training in Venezuela sparked Florencia’s interest in the field.
  • Florencia’s career path was opportunistic, with decisions based on exciting and meaningful opportunities that arose.
  • In venture capital, a successful physician should have a thoughtful clinical development plan, be intellectually honest, and demonstrate humbleness.
  • Finding the right fit between VCs and companies is crucial for success.

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