How to Structure a Life Science Job Advert

The life science industry is a competitive landscape for recruitment. Attracting the best talent requires more than just listing responsibilities. Your job advert needs to be a captivating message that resonates with qualified candidates and convinces them to apply.

Here’s how to structure your life science job advert to maximize engagement:


Think about Your Ideal Candidate

Before you even start structuring your job advert, you need to think about who your ideal applicant is so you can tailor the content directly to them. The approach you would take with a commercial hire would be completely different to that of a scientific hire, as they have vastly different goals when it comes to a workplace. Will they care more about the benefits or about the science itself?


The Heading

With every business having a slightly different organisational structure, by being too specific with the title you could be losing out on key talent that aren’t looking directly for that position. Rather than just heading your job advert with ‘Head of Clinical Operations Needed’, try and be a bit more specific about what the role will entail. For example, “Clinical Specialist to Manage Phase II Project in Immunology Project”. You should still use key job title terms throughout the advert to ensure you’re getting the right applicants, but optimise this initial element as it’s the first thing a prospective candidate will see.


Sell the Opportunity, Not Just the Job

Life science professionals are passionate about making a difference. Focus on the impact of the role and how it contributes to the company’s mission. Showcase the exciting problems they’ll solve and the cutting-edge technologies they’ll use. Don’t just list generic duties; translate them into meaningful contributions.


Speak the Language (Keywords & Tone)

Show you understand and are equally passionate about the science. Use industry-specific keywords that life science professionals use in their job searches. Avoid excessive jargon, but demonstrate knowledge of the field. Strike a balance between professionalism and enthusiasm.


Your Company Culture

Salary and benefits are important, but today’s talent seeks more. Which is where your company culture comes into play. Are you a collaborative team that values innovation? Do you offer work-life balance and professional development opportunities? Showcase what makes your company unique and a desirable place to work.


Show, Don’t Tell

A well-structured advert uses bullet points and clear, concise language. Break down responsibilities into manageable chunks. Instead of just listing “experience with X software,” describe how that software is used in the specific role.


Make Applying Easy

Don’t make them jump through hoops. Include a clear call to action with a user-friendly application process. Link directly to your application portal or provide clear instructions.


Promote It!

Posting your ad on generic job boards might not reach the right talent pool. Consider specialised life science job boards or professional networking sites frequented by your target audience. Also, don’t forget about the power of social media – lots of professionals are aren’t actively looking will still click on a LinkedIn job advert if it seems like a good opportunity.


By following these steps, you can craft a compelling job advert that resonates with life science professionals and attracts the top talent your team deserves. Remember, it’s not just about filling a position; it’s about finding the perfect fit to propel your company forward.


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